Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration

  • Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
  • Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
  • Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
  • Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
  • Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
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Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration
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  • 10pcs/month

1.Save investment,to reduce first-time equipment cost;
2.Save power,supply ref.capacity according to need,save 20% power compared to equipping condensing unit with single compressor;
3.Safe processing ,momently monitoring and controlling processing data,with damage warning function to insure processing security;
4.Compact structure,multi compressors concentrate installed,save space and construction period;
5.Full automation,equip with Italian Carel advanced controller for multi-compressor condensing unit;
6.Full protecting function,together with multi-time warning- to -lock function,function of showing failure code,to advanced reliability and maintainability;
7.Multi classes of power adjustment,can adjust power supply by change ref-loading,can efficiently save power cost.
8.Automatic processing balances, rapidly enlong the general service period of the whole unit.
9.Equipped with new type of screw compressor, high efficient, long service life, little noise and little shake.

Energy Saving Compressor Rack For Refrigeration

Product parameters

Product number

Compressor Parallel Condensing Unit


Copland, Bitzer, REFCOMP etc.




R22, R404A, R134a or others


380V~420V/3Y/50Hz,  220V/1Y/50Hz

Evaporating temperature range

Super cold-65ºC~-30ºC / Low Temp.-40ºC~-25ºC  /  Medium Temp -15ºC~0ºC  /-15ºC~5ºC

Cooling capacity

8-640 HP


Air cooled, water cooled

Fan direction



1-2 year after commissioning



The main engine of the unit adopts the volume compressor, which is made by the famous company in the world, such as BITZER, COPELAND, REFCOMP, GEA, FUSHENG,FRASCOLD ETC.


New compression mode ensures continuous exhaust without pulse and reduces vibration and noise.


Compressor is semi hermetic, and compact, ensuring the sealing and convenient maintenance.

Reasonable compression design, simple running parts, few friction parts, energy efficiency ratio to reach a new level.

It has wide application range, and can ensure high cooling capacity and low energy consumption.


The unit condenser adopts the highly efficient evaporative condenser developed by our company, which minimizes the energy consumption of the unit during operation.

The single-head and multi-head parallel units have rich specifications to facilitate the choice of customers and to achieve the optimal refrigeration system configuration.

Reasonable, compact and humanized structure design makes the installation simple and convenient, saves labor and material, shortens the installation cycle, and does not require a dedicated machine room.


The unattended design concept enables the unit to operate intelligently and solves the concerns of customers who lack the corresponding professional and technical personnel.

Full protection function can prevent accident and ensure the service life and safety of the host.


The intelligent control enables the unit to balance the output energy of the unit according to the changes of outdoor and indoor parameters to realize the best operation state and minimize the energy loss, which can save about 30% energy than the traditional air-cooled condensing unit, and 10%-20% energy than the water-cooled unit.

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