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    Long Warranty Modular Cold Room Equipment

    Long Warranty Modular Cold Room Equipment

    1.Hermetically sealed refrigeration compressor, large internal free volume, able to effectively prevent liquid strike;
    2.Aluminum condenser with copper tube, efficient heat exchanger, and long service life;
    3.The domestically produced high-quality refrigeration parts, units equipped with receiver, filter, solenoid valve, pressure controller, high and low voltage meter, and junction box.

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  • Long Service Life Compressor Condensing Units

    Long Service Life Compressor Condensing Units

    A .Save labor
    Change traditional structure to plat work structure, well formed, light weight saving labor;
    B. Save time
    Connecting tube adopt bell like mouth, more convenient for connecting, will save 50% of installation;
    C. Save space
    New type of thin-wall design, can install back by wall and save space
    D. Mute refrigerating technology
    Fans of unit are designed in big angle, pit impressing and other mute technology;
    Hermetic structure compressor ,safe and low noisy

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    Refrigeration Compressor Condensing Unit

    Refrigeration Compressor Condensing Unit

    Our Advantages:
    1) Professional manufacturer, ROHS, BV, SGS,
    2) More than 15 years’ experiences of manufacturing. Cooperate with many famous brands
    3) Experienced technical staff. We have senior engineers and technicians more than 20 people with many years of experiences.
    4)Our products can be customized. We can produce for clients according to the sample or drawings.

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  • CE Approved Air Chilled Condensing Unit

    CE Approved Air Chilled Condensing Unit

    1. Copeland compressor is very reliable. It can work continuously for a very long time;
    2. Beautiful and durable appearance design, anti-collision and rain proof;
    3. Small space occupying, convenient for packing and transportation;
    4. Easy installation; floor stand or wall hung;
    5. Efficient and powerful fan which has big blast volume and low power consumption;
    6. Efficient heat transfer and ultra quiet design, easy operation.

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  • Energy Saving Cold Room Machine

    Energy Saving Cold Room Machine

    1. The accessories for the unit include liquid receiver, pressure gage, pressure controller, sight glass, filter junction box,etc.
    2. The copper tube of air cooled Condensing units get through the 2.6Mpa pressure test, meet the request of normal work.
    3.Every part of units is best in corrosion protection.
    4. Air cooled condensing unit refrigerating capacity ranks from 0.2KW to 29KW. evaporating temperature:-45℃-+15°C, run steady under the ambient temperature +43℃.
    5. Proper structure, accurate and reliable operating system for the air cooled condensing unit.
    6. Use the high efficiency and large air volume axial fan, with low noise and energy saving.

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  • Cost Efficient Refrigeration Compressor

    Cost Efficient Refrigeration Compressor

    8,000 BTU air conditioner for through-the-wall installation (Not suitable for window installation)
    Standard, universal interior trim kit for existing wall sleeve included
    Energy Star unit uses less energy saving money on utility bills
    1-2-5 years warranty! (1 year labor, 2 years parts and 5 years compressor)
    Flexible options include Cool, Dry, Fan and Auto modes for a room up to 350 sq. ft.

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  • Easy Operating Condensing Units For Cod Room

    Easy Operating Condensing Units For Cod Room

    With original new compressor
    Top high quality. Longer lifetime and high efficiency
    High quality control panels
    Control panel box is with all kinds of protecting devices and Schneider electric. Other suppliers' are simple electric.

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  • Remote Controlled Cold Room Equipment

    Remote Controlled Cold Room Equipment

    1. Anticorrosive shell
    Use anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel which experienced strict salt spray test ,with additional
    spray coating ,it makes condensing unit can suitable for bad weather environment;
    2. A variety of compressor selection
    According the customer request, can use Copeland, Danfoss, Dongwei compressor which is reliable,
    high efficient and low noise and little vibration;
    3. Easy for installation and maintain
    Range of application
    Refrigeration industry,cold-room project
    Agricultural,food,restaurants,chemical industry

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