CE Approved Evaporators

  • CE Approved Evaporators
  • CE Approved Evaporators
  • CE Approved Evaporators
  • CE Approved Evaporators
  • CE Approved Evaporators
  • CE Approved Evaporators
CE Approved Evaporators
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  • 60SET/WEEK

Casing : electrostatic sprayed high-quality steel plate. It shall be protected with plastic film during transportation.
        Coil pipe: staggered rows of 60mm*52mm copper tubes with aluminum fins.
        The reliable tube expanding process strengthens heat exchange.
        And the optimized circuit number improves refrigerating cycle.
        Fan: the 380v-50hz fans with three-phase motor,external rotor cover,IP54 protection grade,F insulation grade and 
        -30  to -60 operating temperature are used.
        Six standard model(separately with 450mm,500mm,550mm,600mm,630mm and 710mm dia.fans) are available.
        Junction box: IP55 protection grade.

Cost Efficient Durable Quick Freezing Air Cooler


Air cooled evaporator is a kind of cooling equipment suitable for various cold storage project , such as fresh keeping, freezer and quick frozen storage etc, There are different type available to fits for the different cold temperature. It has compact structure and make full use of warehouse area, which can make the storage food cool rapidly and improve the freshness of storage food.


Special axial flow fan:

The ventilation system adopts special large-flow axial flow fan. The fan impeller uses aluminum alloy blade, which

is light in weight and has strong anti-corrosion ability. The design of impeller structure adopts forward tilt type,

with small wind resistance, large air volume, low noise and high efficiency. The supporting motor adopts IP55 self-cooled high-grade protective motor, which runs smoothly and has high efficiency.


High efficiency energy saving evaporative air cooler for cold room

Product Features:

1. A high efficiency heat exchanging tube bank design with staggered rows of 16mm copper tubes and sinusoidal aluminum fins. In order to strengthen the heat transmission.

2. The direct-expansion liquid supply type air cooler is equipped with a new type high-efficiency liquid distributor which corrects shortcomings of traditional liquid distributors.

3. The specially processed and treated water distributor greatly ensures uniform distribution of defrosting water and performance of defrosting.

4. The hinge type structure of defrosting tray makes convenient and rapid cleaning and inspection possible. And the side plates are easier to be removed and their reasonable design effectively avoids thread stripping of bolts caused by repeatedly tightening.

5. All the coil pipes have passed 24h pressure test under 3Mpa and are able to sufficiently guarantee the gas tightness; interior of all pipes have been cleaned strictly, in order to ensure interior cleanliness of the pipes; and quality of all the products delivered from the factory has been inspected strictly. 

6. All the standard products are enclosed with a power-spraying steel plate housing which is easy to be cleaned and resistant to corrosion.

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